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BJ Magnets is a well-established Mechanical Engineering Company based in Cape Town, South Africa. However, as a leading Company in Supply of Raw Magnets, Magnetic Separator Equipment as well as X-Ray Metal Detector and In-line Metal Detector Equipment, BJ Magnets has its service delivered throughout Africa and Middle East.

BJ Magnets is, not only specialized in Design, Manufacture and Supply of Magnetic Separator Equipment, but is also immersed in minimizing the risk of metal contamination in food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceuticals, plastic products, Minerals and Mining related products. As result of our sophisticated engineered technology, our customers have quality produced products on the market, with all serenity possible. We, at BJ Magnets, exceed our customers’ expectations.

BJ Magnets is certified with ISO 9001:2015 (for Quality Management System) under SABS (South African Bureau of Standard), and strives to satisfy the food safety recommendations as stipulated in the HACCP International (Internationally recognized Risk Management System for the control of Food Safety) principles.  

About Us  

FOOD (Processing & Packaging)

BJ Magnets strives in ensuring that our food, beverage as well as dairy or pharmaceutical products manufacturer customers, produce their consumables with zero metal fragment contamination; thus by supplying quality SABS and HACCP International approved Magnetic Separator Equipment at competitive rates. We, at BJ Magnets, exceed our customers’ expectations.

BJ Magnets’ Magnetic Separator Equipment are designed with heart to the ultimate quality of produced products destined for public consumption. Which Magnetic Separator Equipment have solely the effective aim of attracting and retaining fine microscopic metal debris contamination that escape filters during processing operation.

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Mining and Mineral Processes

The BJ Magnets’ Electro-Magnet Equipment are recommended for automatic separation of high volumes. They are generally suspended at around 100/800mm. And this depends on the speed of the conveyer, size and density of products on the conveyer transversely above conveyor belts and Vibrating Feeders; or longitudinally on the head of the transport and conveying system.

BJ Magnets’ electromagnetic system is also used where, in regard with the production logic, there is no need for a permanent separation. Therefore, the essential advantage is represented by the possibility of inserting/removing the magnetic field with a simple switch and avoiding the systematic attraction of the iron material that is moving below.

BJ Magnets is ISO 9001:2015 certified. All Magnetic Separator Equipment are designed, manufactured, and supplied in full observation and with respect of SABS and HACCP International principles.

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