Grid Magnets

BJ Magnets’ Grid Magnets are constructed with strong neodymium magnetic rods and can filter small ferrous contaminants from powders and granulates in free-fall and low-pressure transport pipes. The material of the shelf and the rods is in stainless steel, which is pollution-free as well as corrosion-resistant. The surface can be polished to meet, if necessary, the requirements of food or drug grade.

BJ Magnets’ Grid Magnets are useful in separation of ferrous contaminated material from raw materials. Typically used in Food, Pharmaceutical or Plastics industries. Sizes and configurations can be custom built to suit individual requirements

BJ Magnets’ Grid Magnets have standard working temperature of ≤80 ℃, but under special requirements, the maximum working temperature can reach 350 ℃.

The magnetic rods are placed inside the product flow to achieve optimal magnetic contact and successful removal of ferrous contamination.

BJ Magnets’ Grid Magnets can be designed, manufactured and supplied on various optional types: Ordinary type or Easy-clean Type, as well as shapes and sizes like:


-Rectangular Grid

-Square Grid or

                                              -Circular Grids

-Centre-support style Grids (square/circular).



And according to customer’s demand, or on recommendation of our experienced Engineers and Technicians, thus based on the outcome of assessments conducted on customers’ production plants.


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