House Grid Magnets

BJ Magnets’ easy clean House Grid Magnets are ideal for removal of fine iron and para-magnetic contamination from a range of dry free flowing products; and are of numerous essential advantages. Amongst others, below listed are worth mentioning:

  • Inlet and outlet of hoppers
  • Can be installed:
    - In manufacturing plants before high impact and susceptible machinery damage, to reduce the possible risk of dust explosion as it sometimes happens in flour milling production line.
     - Above packers on packing outlets.
  • In Housing rapid and easy cleaning
  • Excellent for:      
    - Free-flowing products
    -Dry products such as sugar, spices, rice, grain, granular, coffee, powders, flour.
    - Coleslaws, salad mixes, vegetables, fruits etc…


BJ Magnets’ House Grid Magnets are available for both square chutes and round pipelines and are flanged to suit each customers requirement for ease of installation. They can be manufactured in single or double row units, with square and circular options. Z shaped House Grid is also available. Cleaning of this system is the same as for the easy clean Grid unit.

BJ Magnets is ISO 9001:2015 certified. All Magnetic Separator Equipment are designed, manufactured and supplied under the supervision of SABS and HACCP International regulations.

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