Probe Magnet

BJ Magnets’ Probe Magnet is high-intensity and optimized magnetic separator that is ideal for the control of incoming ingredients from suppliers. It is perfect for use as Indicator Magnet in identifying the presence of ferrous contamination in food products.

BJ Magnets’ Probe Magnet is also used at critical points throughout the production line. The stainless steel encased magnetic tube attracts ferrous contamination in ideal free-flowing powders like granules or liquids. Standard Manufactured for use in the food industry, the BJ Magnets’ Probe Magnet is lightweight, and is easy to handle. In addition, it can quickly and efficiently be cleaned, thus by releasing the catch, in sliding out the magnetic inner tube which will allow the ferrous contamination to fall away.

BJ Magnets’ Probe Magnet allows smooth flow of product around the magnet with minimal impact on the characteristic of product. Which impact may, on the line pressure, cause undesired changes in the characteristics of product, particle sizes or shapes, and viscosity.


BJ Magnets’ Probe Magnet has high effectiveness in viscous products, and can also be used in Magnetic Separators like:


Powder Transfer Magnet

Horizontal Pipeline Separator

Liquid Pressure Pipeline Separator

Emulsion & Slurry Pipeline Separator

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