Sweeper Magnet

BJ Magnets’ Magnetic Sweeper is an ultimate tool to use for metal detection. Its fundamental purpose is to attract, retain and remove unwanted metal residues on the ground or floor; that can be harmful to people attending public places such as kids’ playground, sandy beach, soccer field, factory shops etc… where metal fragments are possibly to be found.

BJ Magnets’ Magnetic Sweeper is, not only cost and time efficient, but also excellent in terms of its task accomplishment, compare to what men would do with hands.

BJ Magnets’ Magnetic Sweeper is very efficient in removing tramp metal like left-over of metal grinding dust, metal scraps, nails, screws, fasteners and other ferrous related debris.

BJ Magnets’ handheld Magnetic Sweeper is sturdy enough for long term usage to detect and remove unwanted metal fragments on the floor, rough or sandy ground as well as grass field.


BJ Magnets is ISO 9001:2015 certified. All Magnetic Separator Equipment are designed, manufactured and supplied under the supervision of SABS and HACCP International regulations.

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