FOOD (Processing & Packaging)

BJ Magnets strives in ensuring that our food, beverage as well as dairy or pharmaceutical products manufacturer customers, produce their consumables with zero metal fragment contamination; thus by supplying quality SABS and HACCP International approved Magnetic Separator Equipment at competitive rates. We, at BJ Magnets, exceed our customers’ expectations.
BJ Magnets’ Magnetic Separator Equipment are designed with heart to the ultimate quality of produced products destined for public consumption. Which Magnetic Separator Equipment have solely the effective aim of attracting and retaining fine microscopic metal debris contamination that escape filters during processing operation.
BJ Magnets has expertise in, not only Design, but also in Manufacture and Supply of Magnetic Separator Equipment to above mentioned industries. For instance, in Food industry we, BJ Magnets, supply equipment in:

- Dairy & Slurries:               

-Cereals & Flour-Chocolate

-Maize & Rice Milling- Viscous Liquids & Wet products

-Sugar & Salt -

-Seeds & Grains :

-Snack & Confectionery-Winery & Brewery Applications

-Spices & Condiments

-Baking Ingredients etc…


Meat Rendering, Meat Emulsion & Bone Meat

Pharmaceuticals as well as Plastics manufacturer enterprises, thus to their full satisfaction.

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