The BJ Magnets’ Electro-Magnet Equipment are recommended for automatic separation of high volumes. They are generally suspended at around 100/800mm. And this depends on the speed of the conveyer, size and density of products on the conveyer  transversely above conveyor belts and Vibrating Feeders; or longitudinally on the head of the transport and conveying system.

BJ Magnets’ electromagnetic system is also used where, in regard with the production logic, there is no need for a permanent separation. Therefore, the essential advantage is represented by the possibility of inserting/removing the magnetic field with a simple switch and avoiding the systematic attraction of the iron material that is moving below.

BJ Magnets’ Magnetic Separator Equipment are of numerous advantages, amongst others below are worth mentioning:

  • Implementing innovative risk reductions.
  • Achieving magnetic coverage without product hang-up.
  • Easier magnet cleaning.
  • Maintaining effective magnet strength.
  • Reducing frequent cleaning required by operators.
  • Satisfying and achieving standards,

and can also be applicable in industries like Ceramics, Iron ores, Plastics silicones, High purity quartz, Crushed glass, Garnet etc…

Other than advantages, BJ Magnets’ Magnetic Separator Equipment help you reduce the risk of:

  • Dust & powder explosions caused by tramp iron.
  • Damage to expensive plant equipment.
  • Product wastage.
  • Brand name damage.
  • Financial cost/loss
  • Litigation.
  • Food safety risks.

Metal detector nuisance trips etc…

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